MishMash is a new brand of cereal created by Rhett & Link, hosts of Good Mythical Morning and the most renowned taste-testers on the internet. MishMash is all about combining delicious ingredients with a twist of childhood curiosity: Why can’t cereal be shaped like macaroni? What if I could shrink down a peanut butter and honey sandwich? With MishMash, we want to transport you back to when breakfast was awesome.

Every flavor is inventively delicious, and every box becomes a game so you can play with your food. Why scarf down joyless breakfast bars on the go or eat ‘sorta cereal’ packed with weird stuff to make it taste okay when you can enjoy the experience of eating with MishMash?

Right now we’re the new kids on the block. Being a startup means our initial prices are just enough to cover our costs. We know the price is higher than some of the mega-brands you see on the shelves. Big brands can buy boatloads of ingredients cheaply and make massive amounts of cereal at once because they have millions of customers already buying their products in stores nationwide -- at that huge volume, selling their cereals for less still yields them a profit. At MishMash, we put a premium on quality and the customer experience, and we don’t have a big corporation behind us. Our hope is that y’all like MishMash, even at our current prices, so that we can grow to rival those bigger store brands, show up in grocery aisles everywhere soon, and pass along savings to you.

For kids who grew up but stayed awesome. Also for kids who haven’t grown up yet.

Of course. Willy Wonka and the Easter Bunny work nights. Jk jk.

Rhett & Link (and the Mythical Crew) were the creative forces behind MishMash, from early flavor ideation through final taste testing. After sampling nearly everything edible (and then some) they’ve dreamed up what might be the world’s greatest cereal -- now made for you by an inventive and industry-leading production facility that specializes in cereal.

We created MishMash to be really tasty but not really unhealthy. All things in moderation, right?

Yes! Mac N’ Mello is gluten-free. It’s a corn-based cereal with gluten-free marshmallows. It’s made with adherence to strict FDA guidelines in a shared facility that also processes products that contain gluten.

Yes! Peanut Butter N’ Honey Sandwich is vegetarian.

Not yet. We want it to be, and are working on it in our next formulations.

Peanut Butter N’ Honey Sandwich contains peanuts and wheat. Mac N’ Mello is free of the 9 major food allergens. All of our products are manufactured in a facility that adheres to strict allergy guidelines set in place by the FDA.

We hope you will! All the components are recyclable, so check with your recycling center on what materials they accept. The liner inside the box is a #2 plastic.

Orders will ship within 3 business days if placed by 12pm / noon Central Time. We hope this won't happen, but additional processing time for orders received during the holiday season (between November 1st and December 31st) may take a little longer due to the high volume of products going out at that time.

Yes! If you subscribe, shipping is included.

Shipping varies by the order size. You can calculate the shipping costs in your cart when you enter your address info.

We ship to every state in the United States, and we’re working to get MishMash to the rest of the world. We want to be in your arms too, international friends! But the logistics are a little tricky, so we’re working on smoothing that out.

Heck yeah, we do!

Orders can be updated up to 1 hour after the order is placed. After that, we can’t guarantee the updates before the order goes out.

Yes. Please contact hello@eatmishmash.com to get this done!

We’re so sorry your order has shown up damaged! That always stinks. Reach out to us at hello@eatmishmash.com and we’ll send out a replacement for your damaged goods.