Rhett & Link have pretty much tasted everything there is to eat (and then some) on the internet’s most-popular daily show, Good Mythical Morning, and they’re finally serving up something for y’all - meet MishMash!

Remember the days when your favorite cereal tasted great, cool cartoon mascots were a must, and even the box was part of the experience? MishMash is here to help you relive those days. Every flavor is inventively delicious, and every box becomes a game so you can play with your food. Start your day, or end it, with a mouthful of nostalgia.


Bread-shaped cereal smothered in that PB&H goodness: sweet, creamy, toasty. Every piece is like biting into one of our favorite kid-comfort sandwiches. Don’t worry, we cut off the crusts.


They said it couldn’t be done (literally) but we said, “yeah, right” and long story short, it has been done. The only macaroni noodle-shaped cereal in the world. These ‘noodles’ are mixed with some very tasty marshmallows, and the fusion is a cereal experience that sweet dreams are made of.


The mischievous looking creature on your MishMash box is the Randler. He’s an imaginative combination of a mouse, a bird, and a reindeer. The Randler is the Mythical, fun-loving mascot of MishMash, a symbol of old-fashioned cereal fun, and one hell of a bowler (get it?). If you can’t tell by his sly smile, the Randler holds a few secrets: specifically, the MishMash recipes. Also all of Rhett & Link’s actual secrets. He told them if he got this mascot gig, he’d keep them. So here we are.